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What is RIM?

RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory), is an advanced coaching tool that produces fast, easy, and sustainable results by freeing you of negative self limiting beliefs and memories, empowering you to live your best life.

Every area of our life, including health, relationships, business and finances are tied directly to our beliefs about ourselves and about how the world works. Most of this was decided for us or programmed into our subconscious as children. While we can intellectually choose a new path, use affirmations and other techniques, these rely on unsustainable will-power to make real change. RIM actually updates the original “programming” to create the positive outcomes we want.

We experience emotional blocks. Some we’re aware of, while others can be deep rooted and forgotten from early childhood. ​Do you have strong feelings about: meeting new people, speaking your mind, confronting difficult conversations, saying no, asking for help, coping with politics, news events, family dynamics, work relationships, or not feeling as happy as you think you should? Influences may come from major traumas, neglect, abuse or everyday life issues like being bullied or not speaking up for yourself with siblings. All these events can affect our self worth, beliefs about money, our ability to lose weight and be healthy, feel and look sexy, or to speak up for ourselves and others. RIM works to remove the source without reliving the old stories or talking through past events.

Sometimes we don’t even know what’s wrong. The good news is, as a whole-brain experience, RIM removes the need for the facilitator or the client to intellectually “know” the issues that need to be dealt with. The RIM process trusts that our emotional operating system (EOS) knows exactly what needs to be dealt with first, without reliving old hurt and pain. As the blocks organically present themselves during the process, they begin to automatically dissolve, allowing you to move quickly and easily to sustainable results.

Get your geek on! If you’re a bit of a brain geek like us, and want to read even more about the process, this is just for you! 

According to Dr. Deb Sandella, the RIM process allows you to re-generate your neurologically grounded sense of self in a profound way. Neuroscience findings support the efficacy of RIM by explaining that the brain and nervous system is changeable. A researcher at the College of William and Mary discovered that recalling a memory, biochemically destabilizes it, so it can be recreated in an affirming way.

Since your nervous system imprints an imagined experience similar to an actual experience, you can re-generate emotional body memories to create neurologically-rooted positive endings to old hurt and pain. All the while, factual memory remains stable. Finally, during the RIM process, you integrate a new body-centered feeling that automatically stimulates health in your mind, body and spirit. You begin to trust that life wants you to thrive and succeed.

​The RIM process works in a way that can be challenging to understand intellectually. Our left brain (our intellect, the voices in our heads) thinks, plots, manipulates, calculates, figures things out, and speaks in words and thoughts. Our right brain (our emotions and imagination) speaks in metaphors, images, emotions, feelings, etc. RIM uses the power of our imagination to translate and synthesize, bridging the gap between both sides, creating a powerful whole-brain experience.

For example, since the left brain needs tangible information to understand something, the RIM facilitator uses language to guide you on your journey, allowing your imagination (right brain) to make emotions more tangible to the left brain, with qualities such as shapes, sizes and colors. Now we have something tangible for the left brain to understand and keep it occupied while it follows the right brain in some amazing “teamwork”. At this point, the whole brain is completely engaged so resolutions can be explored, resolved, and dissolved, while valuable insights can be brought back for practical use in real life, while feeling totally different about underlying core issues.

Dr. Sandella, creator of the RIM method, likens it to how icons on your phone work. When you touch and hold a specific icon, all the icons begin to jiggle. This allows you to move, change, and delete any of the icons. Similarly, the RIM process can push on a memory (jiggly icons) allowing it to be changed, dissolved, removed, etc. without having to relive old hurt & pain.


Remarkable Recoveries

Clients stuck in grieving from earlier events like a loved one’s death find peace in one session.

Psychologically, clients have freed themselves from traumatic memories, and others have learned how to use RIM to make wise decisions in a split second. We have learned from client feedback that, “When [clients] leave a psychotherapy session [they] feel good. After a RIM session, [they] feel different.” RIM clients look and act different too! One spouse remarked about her husband, after his session given as a birthday gift, “He looks ten years younger.”

In fact, the RIM process allows clients to re-generate their internal neurologically grounded sense of self in such a profound way, we believe their emotional memory is permanently altered for the better. The latest neuro-science findings support the efficacy of RIM by explaining that the brain and nervous system is “plastic” or changeable. According to researcher Dr. Candace Pert (Molecules of Emotion), our emotional experiences are stored in the body at feeling-specific neurotransmitter sites and can be re-keyed to create different emotions than those feelings to which we have previously been addicted. Since the brain registers an imagined experience similar to a real experience, we can re-generate emotional memory to create neuro-pathways for new endings to old stories. All the while, factual memory remains stable. Finally, during the RIM process, clients integrate a new felt body-experience that translates to automatic or reflexive behavioral, physical, and psychological changes.

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