Stephanie Ecke, LPC, LCDC

Pathways of Recovery Workshop

“That which we do not heal from childhood we replay into adulthood.”  
— Pia Mellody 

Pathways of Recovery: An Experiential Workshop is a three-day small group intensive designed to meet you where you are and to assist you in moving forward.  We will give you the tools and insights to continue your own personal healing! Workshops take place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Call Stephanie at 210.287.4002 to make a reservation for the next workshop. Groups are limited to 6 people.


  • Investigate the origins of adult dysfunctional behaviors such as addictions, depression, relationship issues and more
  • Identify childhood wounds that fuel these problems
  • Begin to heal and release unresolved issues and past conflicts

This intensive helps you free up your energy and become fully present in your life. It also encourages you to experience more fulfilling relationships and spiritual openness.

If you want to experience freedom from your past, this workshop is for you. Let Stephanie and co-facilitator *Amy Fisher Hodges, RN, LPC, help you resolve the trauma that is causing you pain and holding you back from living a life you love!


“Wow!  What a powerful program.  I have experienced such a transformation packed into 4 full days – thank you for the opportunity.”

“This workshop has given me an insight to my childhood and given me a greater appreciation for myself.  It allowed me to face my fears.”

“Stephanie and Amy’s Family of Origin Intensive has been a powerful, positive experience.  I have reconnected with my God-given power, and no one can or will take it away from me ever again.”

*Amy previously was with The Meadows and supervised the Survivors’ Process for two years where she worked closely with Pia Mellody.

“My life had become unmanageable. I dropped to my knees and asked God to help me find a way to heal. I had always been on a spiritual journey but was looking for perfection not progress. I got online and googled ‘love avoidance’ and clicked on a web site and read an article by Stephanie Ecke. The article really hit home with me.

I contacted her and made an appointment. I had done my research and knew what I was looking for in a therapist since I was so reluctant to do conventional therapy. So when I went in to see her, I was on a mission. I felt safe and welcomed as soon as I entered her room. I have been around many healers all over the world and I right away recognized that Stephanie was a true healer and spiritual guide.

God had answered my prayers. She gave me homework like I had hoped and asked for and helped me identify right away the core of my avoidance and addictions. Many times throughout our sessions, it was like she could read me and gently pull from me things that I was afraid to reveal.

She helped me start the healing on my wounded child. She invited me to attend her recovery workshop and during that weekend of intense healing, it was like receiving a year of therapy in a weekend and for the first time in my life, I truly felt free. It was the freedom I had searched for and I had gone to many lengths to find this literally traveling all over the world finding temporary solutions. Not only did it help the jump start of my recovery for myself, but it helped in the process of healing my relationships with my family.

Stephanie is truly an amazing therapist and healer. If it was not for her guidance, I would not be in AA and truly working the program due to seeing her living the promises. She was very inspiring seeing where she is and her devotion to helping others heal from what is holding them back from being their authentic selves. I wake up with God on my mind and heart every day thanks to Stephanie.”