For many of these workshops, Stephanie teams with co-facilitator Angela Woodrow of The Coaching Continuum. Angie is a Certified Coach and Business Coach.

Stephanie and Angie tailor workshop formats, topics and sizes to meet you and your organization’s needs. They also facilitate workshops on time management, stress awareness, self-care retreats and spiritual retreats.

Email or call 210.287.4002 for more information.

Cruise to Accountability (Four weekly sessions, two hours each)

This workshop offers you and/or your group the tools, information and skills required for realizing and maintaining your goals. The four-week format encourages accountability and provides assistance for you to work through obstacles stopping you from achieving your goals.

The Power of Focus (One session, three hours)

Get clarity on your goals, focus, take action and get results!

Take a Vacation from your Tolerations (Four weekly sessions, two hours each)

Get rid of the things you are tolerating in your life. Learn to tame your gremlin – your personal resistances – and live a more satisfying life. Group accountability assists in helping you working through your blocks.

Catch the Vision! A Vision Workshop (One session, eight hours)

In this workshop, you will learn the value of visioning. We will expound on the law of attraction that has become so famous from “The Secret” so you can manifest your heart’s true desires. (Hint: We are fearfully and wonderfully made!)

Peak Performance Workshop, A Mission Workshop (One session, four hours)

This workshop is an excellent follow-up to Catch the Vision! 

Determine the mission for yourself, your group, or your office or organization. It’s easier to hit the target when you know where it is! This workshop allows your vision and goals to grow and manifest. 

Wealthy Wisdom Workshop (Six sessions, 2½ hours each)

What does “abundance” really mean? Discover your own personal meaning of abundance and some hidden but much proven tips to create an abundant life you will love.

Discover Who You Are (One session, three hours)

We will explore your personality type, gifts, interests and passions using several assessment tools.  This is an excellent workshop to take before Catch the Vision and/or Peak Performance workshops.

Holiday with Purpose (One session, three hours)

Get your entire being ready for the holidays – spirit, mind and body. You’ll enjoy this guided, kinesthetic workshop that includes quiet time for journaling, walking and pondering. Be intentional about what you want this holiday season before life gets hectic with shopping, parties and more.

Surrender (One session, two hours)

This is a Christian workshop focused on surrendering your heart to God. Available for your church, women’s ministry or other Christian group.