This Is How I Found My Bliss Today

This Is How I Found My Bliss Today

In a groundbreaking book, Positivity, Barbara Frederickson outlines with scientific research how we can increase positive feelings.  She has a positivity ratio test that you can take to help you increase your chances of getting to BLISS. By focusing on emotions or qualities such as awe, wonder, gratitude, appreciation, hope, etc., we can change our mood. Of course, many of these feelings we know we SHOULD be practicing more, but Frederickson also emphasizes more subtle characteristics too, such as inspired, interested, alert, love, closeness and trust, etc. 

In the scale, you also rate yourself on the emotions that brought you down that day such as hate, distrust, embarrassed, self-conscious, humiliated, annoyed, etc. 

I highly recommend testing yourself regularly. It is rather eye-opening! You can find the test at:

This blog will be discussing and exploring ways we can all find our way to BLISS each day.  Feel free to write below how you found your BLISS today.

I found my BLISS by connecting with a couple of people who I care about and who care about me and getting some extra support.  (connecting is one of those positivity attributes to focus on).

List yours below!

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