Journaling Journey

Journaling Journey

Many times I recommend to clients that they begin journalling.  I have been journalling off and on for about 30 years….following are some easy tips to begin journalling that might help you get started on your JOURNALING JOURNEY.

a) buy a pretty one that you will look forward to spending time in…even get a pretty pen that you will enjoy using….

b) set it in a place where you know you’ll be at least once a day at a certain time…i.e. in a basket by your favorite reading chair, on a bedside table or next to the bathtub;

c) Don’t just write what happened during the day, but write about your feelings, hopes and dreams.

d)  Play in your journal…have markers and stickers, draw, write poetry, have fun with it.

e) Write letters to God.  This can be a very intimate practice.  Or read the  Bible or meditation book and write down any insights you may have about your readings.

It’s very interesting to keep your journals and look back a year later…you can see how far you’ve grown, the prayers that have been answered, etc.

I hope this gives you some basics to get you started…if you have any insights or results you’d like to share with me, email or call me – I’d love to hear from you!


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