Just got back from what was supposed to be a 3-day weekend in Vegas… It ended up being a 5 day weekend!  We couldn’t get a flight out to save our lives. I thought I was in groundhog day! Everyday we’d get up before dawn, hail our taxi and off to the airport we’d go.  Then we’d sit and wait only to find out we weren’t leaving!  Talk about stress!  Vegas is one town where when you’re done, you’re done!  I prayed…I asked for favor….I affirmed and did everything I could….No go!  I had to surrender.  It was frustrating, but I did the best I could to really take good care of myself, by going to quiet places, journalling, taking bubble baths and extra vitamin C….going to bed extra early….Oh, of course, a part of me wanted to just eat that extra chocolate to treat myself,or say to heck with it and stay up all night at the slots. But I knew my stress level was high and that was the last thing I really needed. I’m proud of myself because I practiced “radical Self-care”

What do you do to manage times of extra stress?  Eat more? Smoke more? Drink more?  gamble more or do you double up on self-care efforts….extra vitamins, a nap, quiet time, journalling, eating extremely healthy – lots of extra fresh vegies and fruits, a long walk or run?  That’s what I call RadicalSelf-care!!! When everything in you wants to indulge yourself, but instead you take care of yourself!!! Don’t regress – progress! (not perfection)…

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