Becoming Spiritually Beautiful

Becoming Spiritually Beautiful

I have a confession to make: I had botox. Of course, what I found out
is that for the best results, I should have started about 20 years ago!

The night after I had it done, and after I read a long list of potentially harmful side effects, I was lamenting to my husband. How could I, “Miss Organic Natural”…so cavalierly done this. Now I had botulism coursing through my veins…..Scary thought. What had possessed me?

On thinking back, I reflected that my husband and I were going on a vacation of a lifetime with a dear couple whom we hadn’t seen in awhile. I wanted to look my best. Makes sense…..but there was something deeper.

As I did some soul-searching, I asked myself: Was it that I deep down inside do not feel good enough, thin enough, young enough or pretty enough….Sadly, apparently, I do not feel like I am “enough”, particularly as I age.

Granted our culture is a culture of youth and beauty, and the media’s idea of beauty is in our face constantly…. but that’s society’s perception. I decided I had to learn more about what my definition of beauty really is.

As luck would have it, I spotted a copy of a little book – believe it or not at the
grocery store. The title? “Becoming Spiritually Beautiful: Seeing Yourself From God’s Perspective”.

In this precious book, the author Sharon Jaynes tells us how to experience a “faith lift”…There is one pivotal point in becoming spiritually beautiful: We must spend time with the Beauty Artist – God….Ms Jaynes states: “Being a reflection of His glory is a direct result of spending time in His presence embraced in His love and enveloped in His grace.’

She poses the question: Have you ever noticed how couples after being together a long time begin to look alike? The same is true with God….I will begin to resemble Him the more time I spend with Him. That’s an exciting thought…doesn’t cost any money and there are no terrible side ¬†effects. I think that’s the beauty treatment I really need. I certainly don’t fault anyone for doing whatever they can and want to do to make themselves feel better about themselves….But I have made a big decision: to go to the Author of all Beauty for my worth…

What do you think? Can 2 Corinthians 3:18 really become real if we spend time
looking in His mirror. “We who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into His likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit”

I’m gonna try it!

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