Self-Care Through Creating Joy

Self-Care Through Creating Joy

We may think that joy is elusive, that we just have to wait until happiness comes to us. Happiness and joy are not the same things though. Happiness does seem transient, based on circumstances. But we can make a choice to create joy in our lives. With just a few simple actions, we can prime our pumps for more joy in our lives.

  1. Journal regularly.  Writing your thoughts and feelings puts things in perspective, serves as an objective sounding board and can create a more positive mood.
  2. Speak encouraging words to yourself.  It is a proven fact that positive affirmations have the power to create a positive outlook. Write your own, claim bible verses… catch yourself when you are saying something negative and change it to a positive truth.
  3. Do it differently!  Whether it is changing the way you drive to work, taking a new class, or trying an exotic dish for the first time, changing your routine is a great way to add more zest to your life.
  4. Express gratitude.  Information abounds on the positive effects of practicing gratitude. Make a gratitutde list, tell someone you appreciate them or write a thank you note. Find ways to express your thankfulness for the positive things in your life. You will be amazed at how it will lift your mood.5.  Use your senses to enhance joy.  Smell the roses, eat your favorite food, feel the grass under your feet, listen to a beautiful symphony. Your senses were meant to give you pleasure and pleasure increases joy.

What are some ways you produce joy in your life?

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