Transform Your Trauma

Transform Your Trauma

This past week, I did a 3-day trauma intensive. The workshop titled “Healing Pathways” involves 3 days of transforming our trauma into a thing of beauty. Believe it or not there are many gifts in our trauma if we can separate our adult selves from the child that was hurt. We can transform those hurt child feelings into the joy, celebration and freedom of the “divine child” once we’re healed. We can develop a functional adult that can meet the needs of that child and never leave or abandon him or her.

Those of us who suffer from addictions be it chemical, alcohol, food, money, love addiction or sex addiction, have all had childhood trauma of one sort or another. (Childhood trauma = physical illness, depression or addictions = problems with being intimate)

A lot of healing happened this weekend and it was a beautiful thing to see. I am honored and blessed to be called to this work and see the dignity and strength of those who choose to heal.

Many thanks to Amy Fisher Hodges, RN, LCDC, who cofacilitated with me!  Amy
used to be the supervisor of the Survivors Program at the Meadows.  She truly was a joy to work with and I learned a lot from her….God is so good!

If you are interested in the three day Healing Pathways workshop or would like more information about it, please email me or call me at 210.287.4002, or visit my website at

Let the transformation begin!!

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