Where Therapy, Christianity and Recovery Collide (part 2)

Where Therapy, Christianity and Recovery Collide (part 2)


Part of where the three collide is in the area of “process”…In recovery circles as well as in therapy circles the concept of process is often very much understood. In some church circles this is not the case.  Many Christians act as though their growth and healing should be instantaneous.  While I am certain that when we ask for healing God can and does heal us at the time in the spiritual… it may take time for the natural man to catch up.  I have been healed instantly before, but many times it was a process as my conscious mind had to catch up!  I often see it with clients….they want the healing, but are not quite ready to receive it.

They have to grow into the healed version of themselves.

On the other hand, the idea of  process in the therapy and recovery realms keeps healing too far off …..just out of reach.  If we really believe God has removed our compulsion why don’t we act like it…Many of us live in fear and do not own the wholeness that has been given us.

That’s why some people say they are “Recovered”, instead of “Recovering”….I know, I know,  that’s often thought of as blasphemy, but why?  I guess it’s a little too presumptious, but then is it ok to presume that God means what He says?????

Tune in for more!

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