Yikes, I broke two bones in my leg when I “took a tumble” (thanks, Jan) walking on Saturday. I had surgery two days ago. I feel like I am back at the beginning of my addiction recovery in some ways….back remembering the basics….taking it one day at a time.

So I thought I’d blog my way through. Maybe I can share some tips that are helping me make it through and you can share any ideas you might have too?
So for now, what’s working?

TIP #1) Don’t over do it…..Accept where I am and surrender to the processs. I can remember in the early days of my addiction recovery I was in so much (emotional) pain I was in a hurry to get it over with. I thought I could be done once and for all and out of pain…but you really cannot push the river in recovery and…..the same goes for the human body. Although amazing in its capacity to heal, it does have it’s own timing.

TIP # 2) Trust in my Higher Power….When I first began on my journey to transformation, I really didn’t know my Higher Power. Today, (although admittedly I still have much to learn, I do know a few things…(in large part thanks to Sandy Ross and many life experiences) I know God is good. I know God loves me personally. I know God has a good plan for my life. I know I can trust Him and his will. I know He makes all things work together for the good. And He can and will provide me comfort and solace.

TIP # 3) Ask for help. I tried to do everything by myself when I was a newbie. I used to think it was shameful to need help and a sign of weakness. Now I know that it’s human and healthy to need help. Ok…here’s where I need help! CRUTCHES SUCK…any tips out there?

TIP # 4: God will provide all my needs if I let Him….I really believe I am so afraid that God won’t meet my needs that I can block the flow by getting in there and trying to fill His role myself….Today (Im almost embarassed to admit how many blessings I received.) Hubby fixed breakfast, a friend dropped by for a visit and got me out for a yogurt, another friend came over and brought lunch and watched a movie with me and the kids came over to see if I needed anything. Now in the old days I might would have missed it with my “Never enough” attitude….:(

TIP # 5: Which brings me to the next tip Im trying to re-remember over and over again…Practicing gratitude is a daily discipline – definitely not a feeling. Practicing gratitude is a habit which increases my joy…

TIP # 6: Feel my feelings. It’s important in taking care of myself to identify my feelings and express them in a healthy manner if possible. In program circles they used to say “Trace it, face it and erase it.” and “you can’t heal what you can’t feel”…This helped me learn the value of my feelings.

Later I have had to learn that although important, feelings don’t get to run the show. “The mind controlled by the spirit is life and peace.” Romans 8:6

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  1. Shirley Ann Petrillo

    I am a love addict, my life has been a complete mess for the last 3 years [longer actually, but that’s a long story]. I am deep in OBSESSION PAIN for 3 years is more accurate. The raw part of withdrawal is over [It almost killed me really]. In a way I do feel dead, hopeless since.
    The love avoidant/narcissist is fine, just fine without any remorse, confession, apology, repentance. Yep, he is fine, free & happy with himself. He won. The injustice of this is huge. I gave, he took. I was honest, he deceived. He set the stage & I danced until I dropped [literally].
    He looks like the good guy. He used triangulation among those we jointly knew. What he did to me “elevate, devalue, discard” are classic. [I didn’t know that then.] I only knew that I was so confused, off-balance, frustrated, hurt.
    Nobody knows the truth about what really went on inside the relationship [all the games: deception, bait & switch, gossip, triangulation,severe verbal abuse, partial reinforcement], because anything I say will only make me look worse.
    After a year+ of dating, I [finally] blew up. It happened at the annual church picnic and “satan smiling spread his wings” This is too hard to swallow. Meeting him in church, believing this was a “safe” man is the icing on the evil cake.
    HELP ME PLZ get over this torment. I am stuck in bondage.

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